Voice of Customer is essentially the collecting of feedback from customers about your business. It’s listening to what they have to say about interacting with your company, understanding what they like and don’t like, and using that information to improve Customer Experience.

What is Voice of Customer?

Voice of Customer improves your overall CX and helps you retain customers. This is because really listening to and taking action on what they have to say makes them more likely to feel a strong loyalty towards your brand.

Why is Voice of Customer Important?

The first step is building a Voice of Customer Program that provides a framework for how you’ll gather and use VoC data.  Once that’s in place, you’ll be able to act quickly when needed to drive significant impact.

How is Voice of Customer Done?

The simple goal of a Voice of Customer Program is always to collect feedback from your customers. Some of the most common ways to do this include: - Surveys                 - Social media - Interviews             - Indirect feedback

Voice of Customer Programs – The Basics

Yes, a VoC program will ultimately improve your customer experience. But there are some key impacts that can bolster the success of your organization overall: - Improved Customer Service - Better Brand Management - Increased Innovation

The Benefits of a VoC Program

- Continuosly Capture Feedback - Monitor Every Touch Point - Understand Your Data - Act on Your Findings - Share VOC Information Across Your Organization

Best Practices for VoC Programs

How Worthix Does Voice of Customer

At Worthix, we augment your VoC to give you an additional view of your customers that is not available with your current tools. We do this by adding AI to the front end of the process, creating personal conversations with as many of your customers as you want.  scale.