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On the Voices of CX Blog, we share and create content for CMOs, directors, supervisors, teachers, authors, and especially CX enthusiasts.

Our main topics are Customer Experience, Voice of Customer, Marketing, Analytics, and more. These topics are broad and cover a huge variety of industry disciplines. You’re sure to find something useful for yours, no matter what long, winding path you took to get into CX.

The Voices of CX Blog is written by the Worthix team.

Voices of CX Podcast

What is the Voices of CX Podcast?

The Voices of CX is a customer experience podcast hosted by Mary Drumond, Worthix CMO and Editor in Chief of the Voices of CX Blog. She interviews top marketers, industry experts, thought leaders, and academics on how their markets overlap with CX.  

Our topics focus on technological innovations in data science, market research and surveys; behavioral analytics and design; the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for marketing platforms, and how all these factors are revolutionizing the way companies dialogue with and deliver memorable experiences to their customers.  

On this Customer experience Podcast, we’ve interviewed dozens of guests such as Joe Pine, Peter Fader, Jeanne Bliss, Dan Gingiss, Ian Golding and many more, spanning 100+ episodes across 9 seasons, with over 110K listens worldwide. 

The Voices of CX is brought to you by Worthix, the only VoC platform that uses AI on the front-end to augment your VoC.

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Mary Drumond

Meet the Host of Voices of CX

Mary Drumond is the Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix and host of the Voices of CX Podcast. She is also an entrepreneur who has been through the trenches, starting as an instructor and working her way up to Sales and Marketing Director before acquiring the Advance Languages EFL school.  

Mary is passionate about consumer behavior and has extensive experience in marketing research, focusing on customer experience (CX) and customer experience management (CEM).

Mary currently serves as a board member for the University of Georgia Master’s in Market Research program, is the CX chair of Officium Labs, and co-chair of Latinas in Tech Atlanta.  

Outside of work, Mary takes strength to another level, and is an accomplished olympic weightlifter. 

Guest Voices of CX Podcast

The best of the Customer Experience market gather here

Have you ever wanted to hear from the best customer experience professionals in the world in a single podcast?

Now you can, on the Voices of CX podcast! We’ve brought together more than 80 thought leaders and industry experts such as CEOs, CMOs, authors, directors, and academics to talk about customer experience, marketing research, AI, behavioral analytics, design, and much more. 

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Augment your VoC program with Front-end AI

Worthix is the world’s only VoC platform augmented with front-end AI and is the bridge between customer decisions and your core KPIs. With augmented VoC, you can see the direct correlation between your customer experience initiatives and key metrics like market share, share of wallet, and many others. 

Enterprise-level companies often use artificial intelligence on the back end for open-ended text analysis. But even the most powerful analytics are limited to the range of available answers to the questions you ask. Our AI, LUCI augments the front-end of your VoC, turning static interactions into personal conversations that customers want to have, encouraging them to talk candidly about what matters most.

The result is the ability to gather qualitative data at a quantitative scale. 

Where one good thing ends, another begins! Don’t worry, the podcast won’t change as much as you think.

The Voices of Customer Experience Podcast has changed its name! From now on, we’re The Customer Value Alignment Blog and Podcast.

At CustomerValueAlignment.com, you’ll find the educational and informative blog content that you’ve grown to expect. Whether you need a refresher on the basics, a deeper dive into Customer Value, or helpful content to share with your team, you’ll find it there.

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Thanks for sticking with us. Stay tuned for Season 11!