Customer Centricity Inside Startups: Emilia Chagas

Customer Centricity Inside Startups: Emilia Chagas


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About Emilia Chagas

Emilia Chagas is co-founder & CEO of, an all-in-one content marketing platform that has helped +1,000 marketing teams plan, create, distribute and analyze online content. As a content manager for over 9 years, Emilia has lead video, book, and web-based content projects in both Enterprises and SMBs.

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We can all agree that the customer is king. That being the case, content runs a close second.

If your company fails to communicate effectively with your customers, you’ll soon be without them. Creating read-worthy and sticky content is not an easy task. Before you rack your brain about conversions and scaling, nine-year content management veteran, Emilia Chagas,  the co-founder of the Silicon Valley SaaS company Contentools, will give you some soft strategy tips on how to manage and scale your company with a customer centric mindset.

Here’s Chagas’ valuable advice to apply before, during and after you create content that converts:

1. Research to understand your buyers’ persona

Dig deep into your customer. Know who they are, what they need, and how their minds work. The persona represents a large segment of your customers. You’ll need to know how to tailor your message accordingly.

2. Understand your company strategy

Align your team towards those goals. Set quarterly and yearly goals. Identify the number of visitors, best social media channels, conversion rates. Decide on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you want in place. If your goal is to attract more eyes and increase traffic, assuming goals are clearly stated and in place, you may want to start writing content at the top of the funnel (TOFU). If you are just starting out or have to prove quick results, you should look towards the bottom of the funnel (BOFU). Look at the best channels to convert customers.

3. Know your customers’ goals

It’s important to know what customers are trying to accomplish when they’re making a purchase. It is a good practice to investigate why they make their decisions.

4. Have a user-friendly, all-in-one platform for content

Your team can be efficient and much more productive with a software that handles creation, planning, distribution, and analysis all in one place. Contentools is simplifying the lives of marketing teams globally.

5. Write content that evolves with the customer

Your content must keep up with the speed of your customer. If you’re not speaking their language, you will lose them. Once they’re consuming your content, you want them to stick with you until they decide to do business with you.

6. Be careful not to write content that’s all about you

There’s nothing worse than going to a party and talking to someone who goes on and on about themselves. No one wants to hear you talk about yourself all of the time. Engage and listen to your customers. Seek to add value to them.

7. Qualify your customers before you quantify them

Stop worrying about scaling the customer experience from the start. Entrepreneurs are always thinking about scaling. Don’t get ahead of yourself and bogged down in data. Qualify them first. Provide a personalized experience and get to know them first. The numbers will come.

Chagas goes on to give us the word in Silicon Valley about the future of CX.

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Crystal Garrett

Crystal Garrett

I’m an extrovert, beach lover, and baseball fan with a passion for writing. I’ve spent over 10 years writing content for screen (tv/film) and demand-generating copy for digital, social media, and search marketing. My strengths lie in creating and developing original content for tv/film, inbound marketing content and strategy, and brand messaging. I love creative collaboration, possess great communication skills, enjoy problem-solving, and have a reputation for being innovative, effective and efficient.



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