The Best Customer Experience Podcast for 2022

The Best Customer Experience Podcast for 2022


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Customer experience is becoming increasingly important for companies hoping to find success in today’s market. Listening to a customer experience podcast is a great way to stay in the know for managers, CMOs, CEOs, analysts or anyone else needing to learn about CX.

Lucky for you, we just happen to know a good one. In fact, we think it’s the best you’ll find. 

Voices of CX Podcast includes over 100 episodes about marketing, customer success, analytics, customers, technology, artificial intelligence, and of course CX. 

Host Mary Drummond interviews experts like Joe Pine, Mark Hamill, Dan Gingiss, Sue Duris, Shep Hyken, Jeanne Bliss and others, taking listeners on a customer experience journey that highlights the best tips and content for your CX strategy. 

Voices of CX Customer Experience Podcast 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 1 

Host: Crystal Garrett  and Co-host: Guilherme Cerqueira (8 episodes)

This season, our host Crystal Garrett talked to guests about customer experience, the impact of customer decisions, pillars of behavior analytics and customer centricity. 

Guests: Joe Pine, Ryan Hamilton, Emilia Chagas, Larry Rosenberger, Tamara Gaffney, Peter Fader, Rachel McBrearty and Jeanne Bliss. 


Season 1 Highlight: What’s Next in Customer Experience with Joe Pine 

Most people think of customer experience as nice, easy, and convenient. While that’s the bread and butter of some companies, it’s a death sentence for others. 

The “get-in-and-out-quick” mindset should be reserved for companies like Amazon, Walmart, or Uber, where customers are obviously seeking to save time. However, many companies are attempting to compete in the race where they have no business… literally. 

Instead, Pine says companies should be enticing their customers to spend more time, which is where the experience lies. 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 2 

Host: Mary Drumond (23 episodes)

In season 2 of the Voices of CX Podcast, we talked to the biggest names in the Customer Experience market about the future of CX, gamify-ing the experience, artificial intelligence, Certified CX Professionals, marketing research, social media, CX metrics and KPIs. 

Guests: Dr. Phil Klaus, Dominic Venturo, Michael Barber, Dr. Nammy Vedire, Max Israel, Ramsay Brown, Colin Shaw, Jan Parr, Ian Golding, Annette Franz, Shep Hyken, Nate Brown, Sue Duris, Gustavo Imhof, Tom Goodwin, Sammy Courtright, Sidney Evans, Michael G. Bartlett, Patrick Campbell and Dan Gingiss

Season 2 Highlight: Customer What? with Ian Golding 


Customer experience is a long-term business strategy. But in many corporate organizations, the C-suite is a revolving door with frequently changing leadership. As a result, the CX strategy changes every five minutes. Ask any company when was the last time their organization restructured – it’s astonishing how many companies have this happen annually. 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 3  

Host: Mary Drumond (11 episodes)

During this season, Mary Drumond, host of the Voices of CX Podcast, spoke with several authorities in the worldwide CX market. CMOs, CEOs, leaders, authors, and directors discuss the major pain points that customer experience, CS and marketing teams face today day-to-day. 

Guests: Jay Baer, Marcus Cunha, Matt Dixon, Diane Magers, David Fish, Dennis Wakabayashi, Adam Toporek, Denise Lee Yohn, Said Baaghil, Jim Kalbach and James Dodkins 

Season 3 Highlight: Creating Value Through Mapping Experiences with Jim Kalbach 


It goes back to the word experience, whether you’re talking about customer experience, user experience, or even employee experience. You’re usually trying to take a holistic view of the world when you use that word. 

When we say “customer experience,” and we’re trying to get our internal teams on the same page, the question comes up: how do we define that? How do we understand that? How do we make sense of experience? 

There are lots of different ways that people have tried to visualize experience, and that’s a key to making it tangible. Then typically you’ll have a chronology – a beginning point and an ending point. 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 4 

Host: Mary Drumond (14 episodes)

What are the main questions and problems we have when we think of Customer Experience? In season 4, Mary Drumond asked the top names in the CX market about culture, marketing, brand, social media and patient experience. They discuss best practices and how to put them into action with your CX team. 

Guests: Tiffani Bova, Joey Coleman, Jeannie Walters, Nir Eyal, Melanie Deziel, Ryan Foland, Neal Schaffer, Stacy Sherman, Brian Solis, Mark Schaefer, Ted Wright, Don Peppers, Sangram Vajre and Jeff Toister 

Season 4 Highlight: How Extreme Trust is Changing the CX Game with Don Peppers


Peppers’ book, Extreme Trust, asserts that the more a person interacts with the brands around them, the more valuable trust is. 

Moore’s Law says that every 20 years, computers get a thousand times more powerful. The corollary to that is Zuckerberg’s law, which states that you interact socially more each year. You certainly interact way more today than you did 20 years ago, and your kids are going to interact way more than you do today. Many of those interactions will be by bot or auto interactions, but you’re going to be really, really plugged into your environment and your things. 

The more we interact, the more trust is demanded, and the higher consumers’ standards are. Peppers argues that extreme trust is what we call proactive trustworthiness. This means you’re proactively watching out for your customer’s interests, even if it costs you money to do so.  

Here’s an example: You order a book on Amazon. A while later, you forget that you already have that book and try to order it again. But you get a message from Amazon: Are you sure you want another copy of this book? 

In the mass marketing world, the mass marketer would be happy to profit off of your mistake. They even make it difficult to get refunds. But in the new world of ubiquitous, 24/7 interactivity, customers don’t have time for that, and they expect more.

Voices of CX Podcast Season 5 

Host: Mary Drumond (12 episodes)

In this season, Mary Drumond and co-producer Steve Berry invited top CX experts to have a friendly conversation about patient experience, customer experience, marketing, experience economy, research, social media and business. 

Guests: James Dodkins, Rob Markey, Patricia Houston, Chris Strub, Hilary DeCamp, Joe Pine, Gleb Tsipursky, Brian Carlson, Thales Teixeira, Brian Lamar, Becky Roemen and Gabe Larsen

Season 5 Highlight: The Experience Economy is All About Time Well Spent with Joe Pine


What customer experience means to most people is making sure interactions with customers are nice, easy and convenient. That’s all well and good, but those are service characteristics. 

To create a true, distinctive experience, you need to create a memory for the customer by engaging them in the experience.  

When we make things easy, we make them routine. Unfortunately, that gets in the way of being personal, treating someone as the individual they are, and creating that experience within them. 

Convenience is the antithesis of what we’re talking about with customer experience. Convenience is getting in and out as quickly  and spending as little time with the company as possible. But what people actually value is the time they’re spending with you. 

A true distinctive experience is memorable, it’s personal, and it’s time well-spent. 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 6 

Host: Mary Drumond (5 episodes)

This is the most unique season of the Voices of CX Podcast to date. Four people from the Worthix team and host Mary Drumond discuss tips and topics from previous podcast guests that have helped them the most in their jobs.  


Episodes include:

  • Flipping the Script with Mary Drumond – Voices of CX: Off the Cuff 
  • How The Ethics of AI Impacts Consumers with Ramsay Brown 
  • Increase Engagement with Segmentation with Hilary DeCamp 
  • Turn Stories Into Conversions with Melanie Deziel 
  • What Makes an Effective B2B Social Media Strategy? with Chris Strub 

Worthix Guests: Hannah Lambert, Steve Berry, Peter Sooter and Kevin Berry 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 07 

Host: Mary Drumond (13 episodes)

We started season 7 of the Voices of CX Podcast with more than 70 episodes and thousands of listeners. This season celebrates those milestones and focuses on topics such as customer centricity, empathy, NPL, customer experience, customer-brand relationship, customer success and marketing

Guests: Michel Houlihan, Bonnie Harvey, Ryan Mason, Robbie Kellman Baxter, Mark McClure, Mark Hamill, deBBie akwara, Fabrice Martin, Scott McKain, Sirte Pihlaja, Clare Muscutt, Ben Labay, David Sakamoto and Megan Burns 

Season 7 Highlight: Empathy Works With Companies, Too with Mark McClure


Our customers are human, and humans hate to be intruded on. That’s why you have to be careful when proactively reaching out to them. But when a customer reaches out to you with any kind of problem, it’s important.

Make sure that they feel like they’re the only person that you have to deal with today, even though they’re not. They should feel like a human, not a number.

The goal is to have a conversation. You can understand a lot about people by just listening. It’s not being intrusive, it’s being human. It’s really about the experience the customer walks away with because that might be the only interaction they ever have with you.

Voices of CX Podcast Season 8 

Host: Mary Drumond (13 episodes)

This season of  the Voices of CX – Customer Experience Podcast featured 13 special guests sharing their knowledge and tips about the world of CX. We delve deeper into conversations around diversity, equity, inclusion, customer success, customer experience, customer centricity, empathy, marketing and business. 

Guests: Wayne McCulloch, Shep Hyken, Shareef Mahdavi, Jiff Raff, Dan Gingiss, Dan Steinman, Leslie Short, Howard Tiersky, Nicholas Zeisler, Caroline Buck, Chelsea Kim, Michael Keplinger and Chris Wallace. 


Season 8 Highlight: What Makes a Remarkable, Shareable Customer Experience? with Dan Gingiss


Listen to what your customers are saying, read the feedback and consolidate that. It’s about combining the voice of the customer (VOC) with the actions of the customer (AOC).

When you’re looking at a website, for example, you take in the survey feedback and the qualitative feedback that people are giving you. But you also look at how people are using your site. Where are they going? How many pages are they viewing? How long are they staying on them? 

That kind of data will tell you just as much as the voice of the customer, because that’s what’s actually happening on the ground. You put VOC and AOC together, and now you have a really good view of the customer.

Then we can collect, analyze, and take action on the data. There are so many companies that do all this VOC work and just put it into a report. But that doesn’t do it. We’ve got to take the data and feedback, turn it into action items and say, “Here’s what we’re hearing, and here’s what we need to do about it.” That’s where the magic happens. 

Voices of CX Podcast Season 9 

Host: Mary Drumond 

The first episode of the Voices of CX Podcast season 9 marked a big milestone – our 100th episode published. In this episode, Mary Drumond reversed her role as host and answered questions from several previous guests and CX professionals. 


To listen to or read episode 100, visit All About Voices of CX

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